Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stealth Monkeys

Here's one for a couple of neighbor kids that live next door, Aldair & Ivan. They know I'm an artist and recently visited the blog hoping to see some new stuff.

It's a trading card from days ago (Okay, not exactly new) when I was delving in the comics biz...

The Stealth Micro-Chip Monkeys (I like to call them the "Stealth Monkeys), Mizaru, Kikazaru & Iwazaro. Futuristic astronauts with enhanced intelligence, robotic suits of armor and of course they fight giant robots, horrendous evil aliens, bio-tech blunders of every sort and a whole array of monsters (It says so on the back of the card)

Well okay, there was a whole set of cards from other artist and we all illustrated our own creations for the set, which were to become comic books.
But some joker ran away with the company's money and I understand split to S. America..

Don't know if anyone ever went after the guy or caught him... Oh well...

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